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Gaia Eco Powerful Bullets with Environmentally Conscious Materials - Video Review

Caring about the planet can be part of your self-care. Treat your body and the planet to a beautiful and powerful eco bullet made with recyclable plastic and natural rubber! ! Crafted from BioTouch™, a 100% soft natural rubber responsibly harvested from rubber trees and the vibrator is made of BioFeel™, a plant-based bioplastic that makes this product more eco friendly and sustainable. Get your very own Eco bullets or any of the other Gaia environmentally conscious pleasure products with the link below


 Video Trancript

Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's. And today we're gonna take a look at not one, but four new eco vibes from Blush that I am absolutely thrilled about.

So I'm just gonna dive right in and show these to you. 'Cause I could not be more excited. These vibes come from their eco line. Now what they've done with this line is they've used Bio Feel, which is a plant-derived plastic, and they're also using sustainably made rubber in these vibes. Bio Feel is a non-petroleum product. That's what they're using for the actual bullets themselves. And then they're using sustainably environmentally-sourced rubbers as well.

So let's dive right in. This is the first of the line. Now, as you can see, the packaging is completely recyclable as well. And then what you get inside is this lovely little linen bag, and you're gonna open it up.

And this is what I love, cuz you're kind of getting two toys in one. So this is the bullet itself. This is made of the biodegradable plastic. And then you've got the topper, which is made of the plant-sourced rubber, which is body safe. And you can fit the two together or you can use them separately to make for this sweet little shape.

Now this is the first one. This one is called Cares. And you can kind of see why, because the uses for it in this leaf form are absolutely stunning. Now, before I forget, I'm also going to show you the charging cord, cuz this is actually pretty impressive too. These are all rechargeable. And what they've done is they've used 50% less materials in their charging cords. You can see there's recyclable paper wrapping it up, and they've used cord, and then the base is the biofuel as well. So these attach, and then you plug it in wherever you would charge any of your other vibrators or your phone.

So I'm gonna move on to the next one. And then we can talk about some of the power that these things wield. Now, this next one is called Love. You're gonna see why now that I've already put this one together. This is a fantastic shape and it has a finger grip. How great is that? So if you have trouble kind of, you know, keeping your grip on things, this is gonna fit lovely in the palm of your hand, it's gonna stay there.

It's got this lovely soft feel to it, and the ridges and the bumps here. So anywhere you're gonna use it, it's gonna feel absolutely fantastic. Now hold down the button on the base and that's gonna turn this on. This is a rumbling motor. So you've got the light comes on when it's on 1, 2, 3, whoa, this is vibrating. Actually you can kind of see it. That blur is actually the vibration of it.

A phenomenally powerful little bullet. And then you also have patterns. And when you finish scrolling through, you're gonna go right back down to the lowest setting again. To turn it off, you're gonna hold it down, and then that's gonna turn it off. And we're only halfway through, there's more in this line.

This is the next one. This is called Delight. And again, you have the little two-piece setup going on here. You can take these apart and you can use them separately. This has a finger fin. That's gonna not stay necessarily, but it gives you something to grab it with because of its bullet shape. But it also has the really nice circles here. So you get some really nice feel off of that.

And then last but not least, you have what I would consider kind of your tried and true. This is Bliss, and it is a textured bullet, which is something that everybody should have in their arsenal.

All of these bullets can fit in between two partners. You could snug it up against a clitoris. But this one is the smallest with the actual kind of lid on it. And it has that same absolutely stunning power. If I put this on, it's gonna, if I put it down, it'll just shoot across the room. This is so powerful.

So there you go. This is the Gaia line. Take a closer look at it. Less materials. Everything is recyclable. It's body safe. Oh, they're also waterproof. All of these are waterproof, so you can take them in the bath or the shower, and the plant-based material is called Bio Feel. It's something that only Blush uses.

If you're looking for a small vibe or a bullet, I can't recommend these enough. You've got power. You've got sustainable manufacturing. You've got rechargeability, and you've got recyclable materials and packaging. So there you have it. There's all the little beauties all in a row. These are the Gaia viibes, and you can get them all at Betty's.


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