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Get Popping: The Hot New Pleasure Trend

Have you heard the buzzword popping as it relates to your personal pleasure? It may not yet be in the urban dictionary, but this term recently made it in ours. Even if you’ve been a long time member of the self love club, this fun and satisfying spin on how to use your vibe during your solo time may be a new one for you. Betty’s here to spill the tea on this technique and what toys are best suited for this pleasurable way to play.    


Chances are you already own a vibrator, and if not, perhaps you are focused on finding one that would feel best for you. Most vulva owners select a toy that will stimulate their g-spot, their clitoris, or both simultaneously. But what about the other parts of your vulva that are often overlooked, like just inside your vaginal opening? 

We tend to slide our vibes deep inside without considering the number of nerve endings, and ecstasy to be found in the outer 1/3 of the vagina. This area becomes engorged and increasingly sensitive during arousal and is just aching to have some attention paid to it. Betty is here to help remedy that. Let’s talk about popping and the best toys to give a little TLC to this often overlooked erogenous zone.


What is popping you wonder? Think of it as “just the tip” with a twist.  It is a move and sensation similar to sticking your index finger in your mouth, pressing it against your cheek and pulling it back out with an audible pop.

In this instance, you insert your vibe just inside, apply pressure to the side of your vaginal wall and with a flick, quickly pop it back out again. Perhaps you enjoy the sensation of popping it out on an angle or upward. You may prefer one side over the other. Find the rhythm and speed that works for you. 

Do you desire rumbly vibrations felt deep in your core, or a higher frequency that stirs you into a frenzy? Do you like patterns or steady vibrations?


Toys that are petite and with a rounded tip are preferable, as are vibes that are flexible and lightweight. Some folks reach the pinnacle with this kind of pleasure and some find it an enjoyable way to edge themselves to prolong their excitement.

Be sure to use lube to avoid micro tears from the friction and simply because lube always enhances your pleasure. 

If you’re ready to get popping, here are Betty’s top 5 picks for you.

 1. Nu Sensuelle Nubii Sola

We love the rounded tip, flexible shaft and texturing for added stimulation.  Its petite size and powerful motor make this a terrific pick.    

Nu Sensuelle Nubii Sola Vibrator     


 2. Slay Thrill Me Palm Sized Vibrator 

Its hook like head is perfect for popping. The memory chip resumes your last preferred function so you can pick up right where you left off. 

Slay Thrill Me Petite Vibrator

3. Je Joue Vita 

Rounded on one side and scooped on the other allows you to experiment with different sensations. It may be petite, but the power of Je Joue's  rumbly motor will be sure to impress you.  


Je Joue Vita Coral Vibrator

4. Oh My Gem Blue Topaz Warming Vibrator

This silky smooth vibe warms to a delicious degree or two above body temperature for an added layrer of pleasure. It's curved tip creates a more pronounced pop and the gemstone end is an elegant touch. 

  5. FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet 

This palm sized powerhouse bends with your body. Rumbly vibrations and a bulbous tip will have you popping like a pro. 







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