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Let Your Naughty Side Show with this Spanking Paddle In A Bag - Video Review

Want to explore spanking? This fun paddle means business, with 12 inches of silicone and raised dots to create precise sting spots. Watch it in action in this video review!



Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy a librarian and today I am bringing you Paddle In a Bag by Doc Johnson. This is just a cute line that they've come out with I really like it because it's got super minimal packaging it's really easy to use. It tells you exactly on the outside what it's all about. And then it's also got Ziploc so you can just undo that and then you've also got something you can score it in. So let's take a look.

This is a silicone paddle, so this is for intermediate to experienced users because it is going to make an impact. Silicone is actually really great with paddles because it's a flexible and yet impactful material.

So let's take a close look this. Wow. It's got the ridges all along. It's got the bumpies. It's going to give you tons of sensations. Yeah, that has got some sting to it.

What a great idea. I mean talk about truth in packaging. This would make a great gift or if you want to send something to somebody it's not going to cost as much to ship it. It's just such a wonderful idea and the stuff that's been in their in a Bag series by Doc Johnson has just been really impressing me and I'm just thrilled to bits with it. So this would be the paddle in a bag and you can get it at any of the links below

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