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Guys, You Need to Masturbate More

Forget everything you ever heard about keeping your hands out of your pants, guys. Tenga, a Japanese sex toy, recently polled 1200 people in the U.S. about their masturbation habits and overall health and the results may surprise you.

Men who masturbate 4 times a week or more showed 4 major health benefits:

  1. They visited the doctor less often for injury or illness
  2. They had higher body confidence
  3. They were more likely to be employed
  4. They had 3x more orgasms!

Now, we don’t know if increased masturbation will magically find you a job, but we do know that men who masturbate regularly can reap several health benefits including:

A big boost of happy hormones: Masturbation and orgasm releases oxytocin, the happy hormone, into your blood stream giving you a feeling of euphoria and well-being. It is a fantastic stress reliever as well



A cardiovascular workout: We’re not suggesting you skip your visits to the gym, but masturbation and orgasm do help get the blood flowing and elevate the heart rate, which is a great thing.

Better body image: Studies show that men who masturbate regularly and who are generally sex positive have better body image and self-esteem. They also tend to take better care of their bodies in general through diet and exercise.

A lowered risk of prostate cancer: Recent studies by Harvard Medical School are showing that men who orgasm more often may have a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Men aged 40-49 who ejaculated 21 or more times a month had a 22% lower risk of developing the disease.


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