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Which Countries Masturbate the Most? The Answer Will Surprise You

May 08, 2018

May is Masturbation month and sex toy manufacturer Tenga has just released the results of their Tenga Global Self Pleasure Report 2018. This global manufacturer was able to poll 13,000 people across 18 countries which make up about 57% of world’s population and their results may surprise you.

They ranked the most sexually satisfied countries based on respondents self-reported satisfaction with their quality and frequency of sex, orgasms, masturbation and connection with their partner on a scale of 1-100. Here are the results:


India 86%

Mexico 82%


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April 16, 2018

Betty’s live chat is always buzzing with customers wanting a one on one with our experienced staff members. Here’s our top 10 live chat questions, because we know you’re dying to find out.


  1. I don’t know where to start. What should I do?

Often when customers tell us this, they do have some idea of what they would like – even if it’s something as vague as “a good vibrator” or “something to masturbate with”. Betty’s website is set up with detailed categories and a search function......

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5 Women Run Companies Changing the Way You Have Sex

March 07, 2018

Dame Products

Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman founded Dame Products based on the desire to bring well-engineered sex toys, designed by women, to a still male- dominated market. They wanted to satisfy the real needs of women with great materials and designs meant for women’s bodies and sexual needs. Their flagship product, the Eva wearable vibrator, was originally funded by an Indiegogo campaign and far exceeded either founder’s expectations. They have since gone on to create the......

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The Vagina Wig is Now High Fashion

February 20, 2018

While New York fashion week may leave many of us fashion civilians scratching our heads, this year Korean designer Kaimin has taken it all a step further with the introduction of the vagina wig on her post-apocalyptic punk models.

Meant to express body positivity and sexuality by representing the “diversity, uniqueness, and acceptance of individuality with the life-giving human vagina,” the models strutted down the runway wearing wigs of fluffy hair covering their otherwise bare lower halves. The styles ranged from full on bush to stylish mohawk and were tended......

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The Myth, The Legend, The Rabbit by Victoria Fleming

November 27, 2017

Whether you’re a newcomer to the land of dildos and vibrators or you’ve pitched a tent long ago, set up house, and refuse to leave, the odds are high you’ve heard of the infamous toy, the Rabbit Vibrator.

The Rabbit saturated pop culture after season one of Sex and the City, in the episode, “The Turtle and the Hare.” “Hare” being a euphemism for our current object of awe and desire.  While Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are out for drinks talking about men, Miranda ecstatically proclaims she doesn’t need a......

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Betty’s Top Sex Toy Picks Featured in Health Magazine

November 11, 2017

We at Betty’s were more than thrilled when Health Magazine asked us to contribute to their 9 Best Sex Toys to Use When You’re Masturbating website article, so we thought we would share the inside scoop on what goes into an article like that and how we make our picks.

Health Magazine is major publication, under the massive Time Life umbrella, so when they contacted us and said they wanted to talk sex toys, we were happy to take up the challenge. While sex toys may......

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Masturbation by the Numbers: Who, How, and How Much!

October 16, 2017

Recently Japanese sex toy manufacturer Tenga released the results of a fantastic survey on the masturbation habits of Americans. We at Betty’s believe masturbation is a natural and beautiful thing that everybody should be doing as often as possible, and we want to combat the stigma surrounding it. A big part of that is sharing our experiences with others and sharing enlightening surveys like this one. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you stack up against your fellow Americans in your habits and frequency, take a peek at these numbers.


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