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Lora DiCarlo Baci Robotic Air Pulsation Clitoral Stimulator Video Review

The mind-blowing feeling of a mouth any time you want it! Let Betty's manager show you the wonders of the Baci Clitoral Massager by Lora DiCarlo in this video review.ย 

Video Transcript

Hi everybody itโ€™s Carolyn. I'm the manager of Betty's Toy Box and I'm going to show you today, the Baci Clitoral Massager from Lora DiCarlo. this is going to look a little different from some of the other ones that you might be used to.

So, this is the Baci, and it's actually got a case you kind of squeeze and twist and the case comes off. It has that nice cover so you're not going to get, dust or whatever inside of it.

Now you notice it's very egg-shaped and it's kind of flatter on the top than maybe some of those other air pulsation massagers that you're used to seeing. And there is a reason for it.

Let me just show you how it works. What I really like about this, that it's quite intuitive. The on button actually has their logo on the back and you hold it down. And then after a couple of seconds, you're going to see it's going to start flashing. That means that it's on. Then there's just the one panel on the bottom, plus and minus. And that's going to scroll you through the 10 levels of air pulsation sensation.

So, you just keep pressing, it and can actually see the inside (shows inside the stimulation bulb). Itโ€™s working. Yep. I'm going to turn it off so I can talk about it. T

The thing that I really like about this is this different shape is actually going to add another level of stimulation to what's going on. This is a nice, powerful, clitoral pulsation massager. So, if you like that kind of the air pulse stimulation, then this is a super powerful one with 10 different levels of intensity. I don't even know how anybody gets near level 10, but there you have it.

It's also a very great palm held, easy to hold in place, by these ridges here. So, what happens is your clitoris is going to go here (shows clitoral opening). And these ridges that are around there, the thrumming kind of carries through it. So that it's a much more kind of open feeling. Some of the other clitoral massagers that are just very kind of skinny and just kind of go in and sit in that one place.

So, you really do kind of feel a lot more of the thrumming around your labia, and just through your entire clitoris. Like it really carries. So that's what I really like about this.

Now I'm going to show you the packaging, cause I'm also a sucker for really cute packaging. You get this nice box. I already showed you, this is actually the sleeve for it. So, it's got the little tab where you open it and then you can see inside, where the massager goes. Then it's got the user manual and you also get a storage bag, which I think is really important, right? To keep your things nice and clean and you get your charging cable.

The Baci is 100% waterproof. You can take it to the tub. You can take it in the shower. And of course, it's USB rechargeable with your little cord. So, no fumbling with batteries or anything like that. And it holds a charge for a really long time, actually, since I got the sample, I haven't had to charge it. So, that's really great too.

There you go. This is the Baci. It's from Lori DiCarlo. It is an intense clitoral air pulsation stimulator, and you can get it at Betty's.


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