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Nipplegasms: The How, Why and Oh My of Nipple Play

Nipples are made of erectile tissue, similar to the tissue in both a penis and clitoris. When aroused, breasts may increase in size, and the nipples become erect. The hundreds of nerve endings in your nipples are connected to the same part of the brain as your genitals. When your nipples are stimulated, blood flows to these other erogenous zones, which creates an overall feeling of arousal. So, how do you have a nipple orgasm? Well, there are so many ways to explore nipple play. Here are Betty's top six tips to help you achieve a nipplegasm, whether solo or with a partner.

 1. Get ready to seduce yourself or let your lover take over. Set the scene with an aromatic candle that doubles as massage oil. Beautify your assets with some nipple jewelry. Creating a sexy ambiance and adorning yourself for the occasion will help get you in the mood. 

2. Start with some light caresses to awaken your senses. Use the melted wax from your candle or oil and enjoy a sexy massage. Use some nipple play gel to glide your fingers across your breasts easily. Try flitting a feather across your chest, or let the tails of a flogger tickle around your areola. Slow down your breath, relax, and give in to this erotic and sensual moment

3. Make your nipples perk with pleasure by applying an arousal balm made for your mammories. These sexy serums offer a cooling and tingling sensation and turn your nipples into a tasty treat. Want an even more exhilarating effect? Add an ice cube to the equation and experiment with some temperature play.

4. Now that your nips are all atingle, pull, twist, or squeeze in whatever way you please. If it's a partner pleasing you, try more oral exploration. Let them kiss, suck, or nibble your nips. If you're alone, try using nipple suckers or a gentle suction toy for a similar sensation. 

5. If you want to experiment with the intoxicating effect of pain and pleasure, nipple clamps may satisfy that more intense sensation you crave. The clamps pinch your nipples and draw blood to the surface, which increases sensitivity and adds to your overall arousal. You can adjust the grips to the most titillating tension. 

6. When you reach that sweet spot of seduction, let go and surrender to the pleasure. Many describe a nipplegasm as an overall body experience with waves of pleasure washing over you. A non-genital orgasm is not as intense as a genital orgasm. However, it can still be very pleasurable. It offers another way to experience pleasure and explore. 

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