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Orgasming Across The Miles: 10 Creative Ways For Long Distance Couples To Spice Up Their Sex Lives by Jennifer Craig

Physical intimacy and long distance relationships aren’t something that many of us think are intrinsically linked. That said, the extra effort long distance lovers put into making their relationships work on a daily basis is perhaps also the reason that their sex lives are not only good, but great!

Their ability to think outside the box and their creative flair mean that the distance between them is minimized by the closeness of their hearts and minds. Don’t get us wrong, long distance relationships are no walk in the park – ask any long distance couple and the majority would prefer less geographic distance than more in their relationship – but the doors that distance can open in terms of emotional connection, meaningful interaction and sexual satisfaction aren’t always found in other “normal” relationships.

That said, sometimes long distance couples need a little help to put a spring back in their creative step, especially when it comes to keeping their sex life spicy. Here are 10 creative ways that you can maintain your bedroom prowess from thousands of miles away!

  1. Sext Persona

There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly creative about sexting, but trust us, this gentle introduction to long distance sex can get steamier than you ever imagined! From discussing sexual fantasies to instructing your partner on what to do, using your words has never been sexier. To take it up a notch, create text personalities. Tonight might be sexting between John and Jane, a couple who just met in a bar, whereas tomorrow could see married couple Louis and Linda invite a third party into the bedroom.


  1. Make Them Appy

Apps pretty much run our lives. From turning on the lights to helping us get to and fro, apps take the hard work out of life! For long distance couples, apps can be a godsend. Not only do they keep them connected, but they can also spice things up in the bedroom, and take the pressure out of constantly thinking of new ideas! There are too many to list but for a start you could try UnderCovers and Kindu.

  1. Toy Time

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes and the wealth of toys on the market has exploded over the past few years. But instead of choosing a toy which you have to control yourself, why not choose one that your partner controls? Yes, technological advancements have combined with the personal pleasure market to bring you smart sex toys which allow long distance couples to control one another’s pleasure across the miles!

  1. Customize Your Sex Toy

In the absence of the real thing, why not create a replica of your partner’s junk? A few years ago, one sex toys company asked the question, “Why does masturbating have to be so impersonal?” And the Clone-A-Willy was born! Since then, there has been a multitude of similar products just waiting for you to take a mould of your partner’s penis and create a sex toy with some more, well, significance! And now, the ladies can have a go. Vagina cloning kits have hit the shelves too!


  1. Sex Tasks

Setting little sex tasks is a surefire way to spice things up. Tell your partner when, where and how you want them to do something. Not only does this give them a thrill, but your excitement levels will also pique as you know they’re fulfilling your task. If you can, you could even video chat whilst the task is being completed. And that brings us to…

  1. Video Messaging

When you need the next step from sexting, try video chatting. Rather than just calling and seeing how it goes, set the scene for your chat before you begin. You can either role play and take on the characters you’d been sexting with, or you can try not talking at all and watch one another undress.

  1. Party Games

When you make the rules, literally any game can be a sex game! Playing scrabble? Make it dirty scrabble! Trying your hand at Jenga? Write sexy tasks on each piece. Playing a game together online? Create some sex-related rules. There are even specific apps and online games that you can play together that are designed for long distance sex games. Try a truth or dare app or The Incredible Sex Game which is essentially a sexplay boardgame in digital form.

  1. Get Out Your Pen!

Erotic literature is a timeless part of sexual pleasure. But when it has been penned by your partner, the intensity level is raised. Sometimes, it’s not possible to connect when you’re horny, so for times when you’re needing to be sexually satiated, erotica can be the perfect solution. Each partner should write a story (either about the two of you or just a fantasy in general) for the other to read on their own. You could even make it a monthly thing and send the letters via mail for that extra added naughty risk. Make sure you spray your cologne or perfume on it before sending so it smells like you when it reaches its destination.

  1. Watch Porn Together

These days, porn is so easily accessible, why not simply find a movie that takes your fancy and send the link to your long distance love? Either make a deal to watch it at the same time, or schedule a video call so you can enjoy it together. Whatever option you choose, orgasming to the same scenes brings a new kink and heightened excitement to your relationship that you may not have experienced before.

  1. Sexy bucket list

Sometimes the fun is in the lead-up rather than the act itself, and creating a sex bucket is the perfect way to build the anticipation. Block out time for you and your partner to talk about the places, positions and scenarios you want to perform together, and when you see one another, tick them off! There are apps to help you with this so it’s easy! The beauty with this is that you don’t have to be too wild (although you can if you want!), and simply just talking about, and looking forward to your next sexual encounter will have you bubbling with sexual desire.

Long distance relationships are tough, and they take real work. But make the effort to make your sex life a priority and you’re on your way to create the best sex life, not just of your long distance relationship, but of your life!

About the Author 

 Jennifer Craig loves love! Whilst in her own long-distance relationship, she began SurviveLDR to help other long-distance lovers thrive in their relationships. It was then that she became fascinated with love and its effects on everything in our lives. From physical, emotional and mental health to career, friendships and happiness, the state of your relationship affects it all...and Jessica loves nothing more than to delve into the inner workings of dating, marriage and love!