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Peek A Boo! Take a Peek at the Vibrators with Uncut Foreskin

Peek-a-boo! The only uncut vibrating dildo with a peek a boo uncircumcised tip that looks just like the real thing. You're going to love the look and feel of this beautiful vibrating foreskin dildo. See it up close and personal in this fun video review!

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Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am bringing you, because I know how much you love dildos, the Peek A Boo Uncut Vibrating Dildo.

So, let's take a look. The Peek A Boo Vibrating is unusual in the world of vibrating dildos because it's silicone which is honestly more rare than it should be. Here's the beauty up close an in person. This is the Peek A Boo Uncut. The textures and the realism. It also has a really deep and powerful section cup and what that does is it also makes it harness compatible because you can put an O-ring through here.

 Let's take a look at the vibrating functions on this. The Uncut Peek A Boo is actually vibrating. Now the way that it works is it has on the back here just two little buttons, easy peasy to use. The top button is extra special and we're going to get to that in a minute. So, to get it vibrating you're going to press down and then press again and now you've got vibration going on and it's got a pretty strong vibration actually. You can feel it all the way up the shaft. And now to keep going through you're going to keep pressing that so two 3 and then you're going to get into patterns. Now the way this one works is that you're going to scroll up through the different patterns that's two 3 4 you hear that it's actually pretty quiet. Five still. That one nice. And then you're going to go back down to the lowest setting.

Now the top button, I said it was extra special. So, what it does is it gives you a 10 second burst at top intensity. So, you're going to press it and now you've got maximum intensity on the motor and it's going to hold that for 10 seconds. That is actually really intense and then it's going to pop back down. You can do it over and over again. There you go again. This is a really great. I'm just going to hold the button down and that's going to turn everything off. There we go.

So, this is a really great vibe because not only is it super flexible, it's also squishy. It has that kind of dual density skin thing going on. It has a lot of realistic feel to it but it's also got a lot of intensity and variety in its vibrations and its settings.

Now the way that you're going to charge it. This comes with a cord. It's called a pinhole charger. So, what that means is if you look here there's that little circle thing. It's going to feel weird when you put it in but trust me just feel around and you'll feel where it actually slots in and then that's how it charges with a USB end.

So, there you have it. This is the uncut Peek A Boo vibrating dildo vibrator. Suction cup. Waterproof. Rechargeable. Foreskin. And you can get it at the links below.

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