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Powercocks Realistic Vibrating Dildos Unboxing Video

Powercocks are the new super powerful, ultra-realistic vibrating dildos from Betty's Toy Box. Check them out with Betty's manager so you can see them for yourself! You can get your very own Powercocks from Betty's Toy Box at the link below


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box, and I'm here with a new product to unbox for you today. I'm really excited about these.

These are the vibrating Powercocks. Now, the reason I'm really excited is because it's actually less common to find vibrating and silicone. They're also rechargeable. So let's crack these open and see what they're all about. So I've got the six-inch. It's in a lovely, deep, deep, deep black colour. So it opens actually, it's got the little magnetic window opening, and then you just kind of pop it open. Now let me put down the box and here is the power. Ooh, look at that. Wow. Oh my gosh. It is so silky soft. I can't believe it. It's got lots of veins: look at the details on that. Wow. And then the base is just like really simple. I'll get into another video with how they actually feel when you're using them and how to use them and all that kind of wonderful stuff.

But for now, let's see what else is in the box. So we've got the plastic. I want to take that. And then I have some cardboard. Ooh, we got a storage bag. Oh, I love a storage bag. You know, like to keep the dust off of your stuff. I think it's really a nice addition. And then you have your charging cord, simple, easy peasy. I am really excited about these now. Same thing. This is a vanilla dildo, and it is in the eight-inch size again, the window just kind of opens up, take the product. Oh my gosh. This is like really cool. It's really long. You guys are gonna love it. Oh my gosh. It's so powerful. Okay. I turned it back off. All right. Wow. Look at that. So these are the rechargeable Powercocks. This is the unboxing of them, but I'm going to come back with another video and I'll go over some of the details and how they work. All right. So stay tuned.


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