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Scientists Use Vibrators to Save Turtles From Extinction

We all know vibrators are wonderful things, but did you know that vibes are helping scientists save turtles from extinction?

With so many turtle species on the endangered lists, science has had to intervene to help keep many species from going extinct. Who would imagine that everyone’s favorite BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) would play a part in this important preservation work?

Donald McKnight, a PhD candidate from Australian James Cook University revealed that he and his fellow conservationists turned to vibrators to help determine the sex of turtles because of the similarities between males and females in some species.

Determining the sex of a turtle is critical in understanding populations but because male turtles keep their penises sheathed, the existing methods were invasive, dangerous, and distressing to the turtles. That is where the idea for the vibrators came in.

McKnight and his team purchased the cheapest vibrator they could find online – a simple silver bullet – and used it to stimulate the genitals of the turtles that were thought to be male, causing the males to extend their penises from their tail sheath.

While the method worked better with some species than others, researchers learned that turtles aren’t that different from us humans. They preferred fresh batteries, and the highest vibrator settings and if researchers hit on a spot the turtle didn’t like, it would tense up and tuck its tail up close to its body. When it was aroused, it would relax and extend its tail.

McKnight and his team are hoping that more research will be done with vibrators in other species and with variations in pulsation and strength. We can’t wait to hear the results!

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