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Sex Toy Astrology by Meg G Witch of the Wands

Sexy Toy Astrology by Meg G from Witch of the Wands

Meg G is a sex toy reviewer with a focus on how toys can be accessible for all types of bodies. They enjoy also mixing the sexual with the spiritual, bringing pleasure and witchcraft together. Since starting in 2012 they have reviewed hundreds of toys and have become a connoisseur of wands of all styles.

What do zodiac signs and sex toys have in common? For starters, they are both categorized, labeled, have their own pros/cons, and of course, are each unique all at the same time. Not everything about a particular zodiac sign fits with those born under it, just like how not all sex toys are a universal fit for different bodies.

So I decided to have a little fun with the combination of the two. I went through each zodiac sign and assigned a sex toy sold on Betty’s Toy Box that I feel fits the best. I had a lot of fun combining some of the things I enjoy! 

Aries Adventurous, Energetic, Dynamic (Doxy Wand)

The ram is a fiery and passionate sign that honestly I feel deserves to be represented by a toy that is just as powerful as it can be. So I looked no further than the Doxy Wand! Be it the standard line or the diecast, they all pack a punch when it comes to vibration. And really, the highest speed is for the truly adventurous with how deep the vibrations will go.

Taurus Patient, Reliable, Persistent (Pure Wand)

If there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is that for most people, the Pure Wand is going to get you off. Like a Taurus, it is going to be hardworking and dedicated towards the goal of helping you hit that orgasm no matter how big or small. Certainly in this matter, being just a little stubborn about the results can be a good thing.


Gemini Adaptable, Versatile, Lively (The Snail)

The Snail Vibe, like a Gemini, has two sides to it that come together to make one playful toy. A social butterfly that almost anyone would love to have in their social circle of sex toys. Clear in its communication about blending and adapting your pleasure. The Snail Vibe is the social butterfly of sex toys, adaptable to everybody.

Cancer Intuitive, Imaginative, Loving (Princette Puppypus)

The gender-neutral Princette Puppypus from Cute Little Fuckers is my pick for Cancer. The fun under the sea vibe really fits this water sign for me. You can follow your needs using this toy in a number of ways. Letting the imagination of a Cancer go wild with the applications. Plus being a toy that anyone can use means that the love can be spread all over.

Leo Creative, Enthusiastic, Generous (Velvet Thruster Teddy)

Leo deserves a toy that is going to be as generous as they are. In this, I feel like the Velvet Thruster Teddy fits the bill. With 6 adjustable speeds and up to 128 strokes per minute, this toy will be enthusiastic in giving Leo everything they deserve. This luxurious thruster will make sure to hit all the right spots. Plus you can suction cup it to your favorite mirror and enjoy playtime with your favorite lover: yourself, you sexy Leo.


Virgo Practical, Diligent, Reliable (Magic Wand Rechargeable)

When you are using a Magic Wand, you know exactly what you are going to get. And for a Virgo, that is the kind of reliability they need in their lives. The Magic Wand is a classic for a reason and never really goes out of style. Even with the Rechargeable being the most “complex” of the line by having four speeds and patterns as well, it still delivers the same quality every time. And it also comes in mini, making it a most practical travel wand as well.

Libra Romantic, Charming, Easygoing (The Rose)

I cannot think of a toy that has charmed the internet more than The Rose. Not only does it give peak romantic Libra aesthetics, but it is as easy to use as their demeanor can be. And because a Libra’s comfort is key, it fits right in the palm of your hand for easy use. This toy will certainly tip the scale over the edge into dreamy pleasure.

Scorpio Powerful, Passionate, Magnetic (Fun Factory Volta)

The choice for Scorpio was twofold. First, like the Volta, Scorpios are intense with their emotions, but still rather soft when you get to know them. The Volta has a gentleness to it that can be used all over the body, while still delivering powerful vibrations where you need it most. Second, as a Scorpio myself, the Volta is a toy that stays forever at the top of my list for what I grab first. (Also, when you hold it a certain way, the Volta can certainly look like a stinger at the end of a scorpion's tail!)

Sagittarius Freedom-loving, Jovial, Straightforward (Vixen Mustang)

Sagittarius needs a toy that is not only going to be as flexible as them, but one that gets straight to the point. The Vixen Mustang is made for serious stimulation, while still giving you the freedom to use it in a number of ways. It is also one of the dildos that has a more realistic feel, holding on to body heat to heighten the experience for solo or partnered play. This plus its gorgeous colors make it a jovial toy for a Sagittarius.



Capricorn Practical, Prudent, Disciplined (Satisfyer Pro 2)

Like a Capricorn, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a toy that can easily be described as disciplined. This best seller is known for its intense multi-orgasmic pressure and pulsation that will always get the job done. Its practical design leaves no room for extra bells and whistles, just pleasure. And for the prudent Capricorn, it's rechargeable, waterproof, and award-winning. So you know it is worth the money you are going to put towards it.

Aquarius Original, Inventive, Independent (Zen Matcha)

An Aquarius deserves a toy that is as unique as they are, and the Iroha like from Tenga holds a lot of unique options. My pick out of the collection is the Zen Matcha. It’s an inventive design choice, based on a matcha whisk that makes this toy an original. The soft touch and gentle ripples make it stand out as independent in a sea of vibrators - just like the Aquarius stands out amongst the zodiac for the same reason.


Pisces Imaginative, Intuitive, Sensitive (Aria Flutter)

The emotional Pisces deserve something that shares their sensitivity but that also speaks to their imagination. With that in mind, I think the Aria Flutter from Blush is that toy. Its flickering tongue and whimsical design bring to mind the fantastic storytelling from a Pisces. You know you are going to get all of the juicy details, and how you get to the end will be a rollercoaster of emotion.

And there you have it, my picks for each zodiac sign! I feel pretty confident about mine.  All writing and opinions are my own. Visit me on my blog,



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