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The Countries Where You’re Most Likely to Orgasm…

The good folks at LELO make some of the world’s best pleasure products so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about orgasms. In a recent poll, they asked the public about their orgasm habits and got responses from people in 22 countries.

Here are the places you are most likely to orgasm, how often, and how loud!

NORWAY! 35% of Norwegians surveyed say they climax at least once a day. No wonder they’re consistently one of the happiest countries in the world

2.54% of Germans reported never having had an orgasm at all, which was the highest number in all the countries surveyed.

2-3 orgasms a week seemed to be the average amongst respondents.

Brazil came in at #1 with 65% saying they are screamers when they climax. This was by far the highest number with second place going to…

Norway at 39.9%. Now we know what they’re all apparently keeping warm on those chilly Nordic nights.

Out of Brits surveyed, 53% said their orgasms were “sometimes” loud which was far higher than the second-place finisher. 11% also said they orgasms at least once a day. So much for that stiff upper lip.

42% of Portuguese surveyed say they are usually quiet when they climax with the Dutch at a close #2.

Australians were also amongst the quietest with 34.78% of respondents saying they are usually quiet, in complete opposition to their big, friendly personalities.

While the survey dispels some long help myths about sex around the globe, the one big take-away is that, whether you’re completely silent a complete screamer, the more orgasms you have, the healthier and happier you’re going to be.

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