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The Top 3 Most Dangerous Sex Positions for Men Revealed

Men, it’s time to face the facts. When you think of dangerous activities, sex probably doesn’t even rank in your top 10 but the fact is that some sex positions do put you at increased risk for penis fracture.

Lucky for you, the good folks at the Journal Nature have published a study of the most dangerous sex positions for penis fracture in men and Betty has just the knowledge to make sure you stay injury free.  

Penile fracture is the rupturing of one or both of the tunica albuginea – the fibrous coverings that envelop the penis’s corpora cavernosa. A fracture is usually caused by rapid, blunt force to an erect penis during vaginal intercourse, but also sometimes during aggressive masturbation. While you have full control of the latter, it’s the former that causes a problem if you’re not careful.

The study looked at 90 men with penile fractures and recorded their causes, so, without further ado, here are the top 3 most dangerous sex positions for men and some tips on how to keep yourself injury free.

3. Partner on Top (Cowboy or Cowgirl)

Surprisingly, only 9 of the 90 fractures were caused by the Partner on Top or Cowboy position where the man lays or sits back and the person on top has most of the control.

Tips to Stay Safe: Communication is key. If the ride starts to get too wild, the last thing you may want to do is tell them to slow down. Try sitting up so your chests are close, and gripping your partner’s hips. This gives much need friction to your partner’s penis or clitoris while a good grip lets you control the depth and angle of penetration.

2. Man on Top (Missionary)

This most standard of all sexual positions led to 23 of the 90 fractures in the study.

Tips to Stay Safe: Although you’re the one on top and controlling most of the action, an enthusiastic hip thrust from the bottom partner can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Keeping your knees planted and bearing down may restrict your partner’s movements in the sexiest of ways while allowing you to be in full control of the depth of penetration.

1. Doggy Style (From Behind)



The number one sexual position for penile fracture, with a whopping 37 out of 90 cases studies was good old doggy style. Perhaps not surprising when you consider that this position is great for rapid, deep thrusting. One misfire and you can be suffering the consequences.

Tips to Stay Safe: Keep a firm grip on your partner’s hips when things start to heart up. If your partner is into it, have them face down on the bed, arms spread out rather than on all fours. This gives them less leverage to push back unexpectedly and allows you to control the force and aim of penetration.

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