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Top 5 Sexiest States During Self-Isolation

March 2020 the world turned upside down and we learned a whole new way to live. Working from home took on a whole new meaning and the new national pastimes became bread baking and toilet paper hoarding. As stores closed down, online shopping soared and we at Betty’s got a front row seat to how you were all keeping yourselves occupied during self-isolation.

One year later, with vaccines flowing and a slow return to a new normal, we thought we would take a peek at which states were using the time alone or isolated with their partners to do some sexy exploring.

So here we have it, the Top 5 Sexiest States During Self-Isolation (and the results may surprise you!)

(Based on sex toy sales per capita from March 2020 – March 2021)


Let’s hear it for the Midwest! You may think that Chicago is mainly responsible for the majority of sex toy sales in the Land of Lincoln, but you would be wrong. All across this great state, couples and singles were spending their time in isolation to seek out pleasure.


Honestly, we thought California would have ranked higher, but we suppose the sunshine and beaches gave them more options for outdoor pursuits this last year.


We all know that New Yorkers are passionate folks and all through the last year, the Empire state proved that folks were using sex toys in record numbers.  


Now this is where things get surprising. Way to go, Virginia. The birthplace of Presidents is also the runner up as the sexiest state!


Way to go, Washington! Evergreen beats the Golden State hands down. Give yourselves a pat on the back you west coast lovers!

Honorable Mentions:

The following States had high numbers too, but just couldn't crack the top 5.






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