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Which Countries Masturbate the Most? The Answer Will Surprise You

May is Masturbation month and sex toy manufacturer Tenga has just released the results of their Tenga Global Self Pleasure Report 2018. This global manufacturer was able to poll 13,000 people across 18 countries which make up about 57% of world’s population and their results may surprise you.

They ranked the most sexually satisfied countries based on respondents self-reported satisfaction with their quality and frequency of sex, orgasms, masturbation and connection with their partner on a scale of 1-100. Here are the results:


India 86%

Mexico 82%

Brazil 81%


Japan 38%

South Korea 41 %

Hong Kong 52%

The Unites States was smack in the middle with 72% ranking just above UK at 67% for overall sexual satisfaction

Although approximately 78% of people in the world masturbate, Tenga found some rather shocking statistics when is comes to the gender of those who are masturbating (or at least those who admit they do).

The biggest disparity was in Asia with large reported differences between men and women. Check out the disparity between men who admit to masturbation, compared to the ladies:

South Korea: 96% of men, 56% of women.

China: 80% of men, 48% of women

Japan: 96% of men, 58% of women

Taiwan: 94% of men, 65% of women

And yet even in cultures where we may no assume as many cultural taboos, we see a big gender gap:

United Kingdom: 96% of men, vs. 78% of women

Germany: 93% of men and 76% of women

United States: 92% of men and 76% of women

Statistics show most adults start masturbating at the age of 15 but that 30% have lied about masturbation. We wonder if most of that 30% are women?

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