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You Won't Believe Your Eyes! Magic Wand Micro Video Review

You won't believe how much power is in this small body! The Worldwide Bestselling Magic Wand has taken their legendary power and condensed it down into this pocked sized mini wand you have to feel to believe. For lovers of the Magic Wand original, you now get that amazing rumble in a size that can be stowed in a pocket, purse, or suitcase. Yes, Magic Wand can finally TRAVEL! For the wand novice, you can experience the bestselling vibrator of all time in a size and shape that is beginner friendly.


Hey everybody it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and today I am bringing you what is the biggest toy of 2023. That's right it is the Magic Wand Micro. Are you ready to take a look? Let’s go!

The Magic Wand Micro just came out a few weeks ago really and it's funny because some of us in the industry were taking bets on what they were going to do next, they’ve been teasing this for a while and, but we didn't know. We just knew there was something new coming and who would have thought that they could actually pack the Magic Wand power into that?

You've got the same look, the same functionality, that same silicone head with the bendy neck in a palm sized toy. This is the Magic Wand Micro. Now for those of you who maybe are already Magic Wand people, and you absolutely love it what could be better than having a small rechargeable that you can take with you anywhere? And for those of you who haven't tried it or for people who like something a little smaller and a little more pinpoint this is fantastic.

Same really simple controls. You've just got the bottom one you press. Now it's on. See the head moving and then go up up and it has patterns. You can see it moving. What we have in this tiny little size is the power of the bigger wand. You've got a smaller head, you've got obviously the really small stature, but this is so fantastic for travel. Or honestly, Magic Wands for the 70 years that they've been around were first targeted as personal body massager. That's not untrue. They are fantastic for that. So, if you actually have some sore spots this is amazing and if your sore spots happen to be in a little more private place then so be it.

Here's something else that's really cool. It actually comes with a wrist strap which is a really great idea because let's face it, it's small. Things heat up so you put the wrist strap in place and now you're not going to lose the thread of what's going on. You can always keep your grip on it. So that's just a really clever little way of making sure that when there's lube and stuff involved, you're not going to lose this.

 Now it is rechargeable so you can use any kind of lube and there's the charging end and it just pops in there and there you have it.

So, this is the Magic Wand Micro. It is the toy of the year. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it to be honest and you can get it at the link below.

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