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10 Kinds of Female Orgasm You NEED to Try!!

Although I’ve experienced different kinds of orgasms over the years, there’s still so much left to discover. The amount of orgasms people with vaginas can experience remains hotly debated, with arguments ranging on a spectrum from two kinds to over ten; leading me to a question that’s on all of our minds, how many kinds of orgasms can people with vaginas experience?

What isn’t debated, however, is how beneficial orgasms are for your mind and body. Orgasms can help alleviate headaches, boost your immune system, embolden your creativity, and relieve stress and pain (including menstrual cramps, so don’t be afraid to get frisky when it’s that time of the month).

Beginning with the most commonly known orgasms, vaginal and clitoral, the road to understanding both has been, and remains, complicated.

Vaginal and Clitoral

While we’ve come a long way from the days of Freud arguing clitoral orgasms were inferior to the vaginal orgasm and potentially a sign of mental illness and psychological immaturity, clitoral orgasms continue being sidelined when it comes to portrayals of sex in pop culture and porn; regardless if experts keep confirming most people with vaginas need some degree of clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax.

According to a study conducted by Cosmo back in 2015 where over 2,300 women between the ages of 18-40 were surveyed, 38% of women said they weren’t getting enough clitoral stimulation and 35% said they weren’t getting the right kind of stimulation needed to orgasm.

So, what exactly is a clitoral orgasm? A vaginal orgasm? And how can you achieve both, with and without a partner?

First, it’s important to note that the vaginal orgasm, also referred to as the g-spot, and the clitoral orgasm should be thought of as interconnected, as the g-spot is usually hard to achieve on its own (although it’s possible for some people with vaginas).

Vaginal/ G-Spot

The G-Spot orgasm is considered an orgasm achieved through penetrative intercourse or by using other penetrative objects, like dildos, fingers, etc alone. While this orgasm is hotly contested, with research constantly coming out proving and disproving its existence, many people with vaginas have reported experiencing this kind of orgasm, including myself. So, for the sake of the long-standing debate, we believe the g-spot exists and vaginal orgasms are possible.

Where is the G-Spot?

According to Rebecca Rosenblat, a Registered Psychotherapist, Relationship & Sexuality Therapist, the G-spot is located on “the tummy side, 2-3 inches deep into the vagina.”

How to achieve it: 

“The G-Spot requires stronger and more direct stimulation,” she says. It’s best to use a circular come-hither motion with your fingers, pressing up towards the vaginal wall to get you started (I recommend this for partner and solo play).

With a partner: 

Dr. Rosenblat suggests two positions for you to mix it up.

Either person with vagina dominant positions, i.e. with a person with a vagina on top, “where the person with a vagina squeezes her PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscle) during the out-thrust - but keep in mind that most people with vaginas still won’t be able to come that way,” says Rebecca.

Or person with penis dominant positions – “where the person with a vagina pulls her knees back onto her chest, and raises her legs to cradle his shoulders, while he pumps into her - The Kama Sutra calls this one “The Rolling Tickle”.”

Doing Kegel exercises is great for tightening the vaginal walls making sex more enjoyable. While you can practice Kegel exercises anywhere and at any time by simply tightening and loosening pelvic muscles in three sets of ten, some people prefer using Kegel balls, where you lie on the ground, insert the balls, lift your hips up in the air and complete your set. I suggest using LELO’s Luna Beads Kegel Exercisers.


Since your G-Spot is located deeper inside of your vagina, G-Spot dildos should have a gentle or small curved shaft with a bulbous tip to make sure it reaches that sought-after spot. I recommend using Fun Factory’s Stronic G for it’s pulsating and thrusting abilities.



As we covered in our Beginner’s Guide to the Clitoris, the clitoris is comprised of over 8,000 nerve endings, allowing it to act as a “hot button” for people with vaginas. This orgasm is typically the easiest to achieve.

Where is the clitoris?

The outer clitoris is tucked under the lips of the vulva and is covered by a clitoral hood; the inner clitoris looks like a wishbone and reaches down the sides of the labia, with two clitoral bulbs at either end. 

How to achieve it?

With a partner:

Dr. Rosenblat suggests the Kevin Method, where “the man lies on his back comfortably, the woman kneels on either side of his face and mounts his mouth, with her body leaning into the headboard for balance. She gets to control the speed, rhythm, intensity, motion, etc, while he pleasures her from a great vantage point. As an extra, he can use his tongue to stimulate the inside top of her clitoral hood - the commissure - with a back-and-forth motion, while his hand stimulates her perineum (area between her vagina and butt).”

Solo Play:

Luckily, there are a ton of toys out there designed to flick, vibrate, or stimulate your clitoris in any way you desire. I recommend the classic Hitachi Magic Wand, the We-Vibe Tango, the Eroscillator, Lelo’s Siri, and the Zumio.

Alternatively, you can always go au naturale, and use your fingers.  Check out our Beginner’s Guide to the Clitoris to learn more about stimulating your hot button.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the most talked about orgasms, let’s move on to the rest, beginning with the exterior orgasms and moving inwards.


The oral orgasm, also known as the kissing orgasm, comes from – yes, you guessed it –your lips! Before you scoff at what seems like a ridiculous suggestion, you should know that approximately 20% of people with vaginas have experienced one. The trick to an oral orgasm is focus.

How to achieve it?

“The best technique is great, long kissing, with max lipo-suction on the lower lip, alternating with running a tongue along the inside of a woman’s upper lip. Some women can also come from giving a man intense oral sex, using his love-wand to stimulate their own mouths,” says Dr. Rosenblat.


Okay, bear with me, I know this sounds like another crazy suggestion, but the breast/nipple orgasm exists – trust me. Or, you can trust a study done by Science of Relationships proving it does!

Using an MRI machine to track participants brain waves, researchers asked the participants to stimulate either their nipples, clitoris, cervix, or vagina for 30 seconds, then after a brief period of rest, they were asked to stimulate another area until all four areas were covered. Their results are shockingly-amazing – stimulating your nipples activated the area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex – which is “the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix.” Meaning, “women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way.” Isn’t that incredible?

And according to Dr. Rosenblat, the breast/nipple orgasm is the second most common type of orgasm.

How to achieve it?

With a partner:

“Combining [the breast/nipple orgasm] with clitoral makes the experience unbeatable. To access it, do whatever works best with her (or him), and leave it alone if it’s not happening. But if you’re digging it and need more than what hands can handle, go for toys which create suction and vibration on the nipples - but don’t leave them on for too long, or you’ll start to go numb,” she says.

Solo Play:

If you’re looking for some nipple-play toys, consider getting Nipple Play Silicone Advanced Nipple Suckers, or for the experimenters out there, try this Vibrating Nipple Pump.


“As the name suggests, it involves combining areas, especially if they activate different nerves - like pudendal (clit and G-spot) versus pelvic (vagina),” says Dr. Rosenblat. With blended orgasms, the combinations are endless.

How to achieve it?

With a Partner:

If you’re looking for the pudendal blended orgasm, try with a person with a vagina dominant position, where they’re on top. This way you can stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot. Another option is doggy style, where you can use a toy or your fingers to stimulate the clitoris. For other types of blended orgasms, you can try nipple stimulation while engaging in penetrative sex, either vaginal or anal. Depending on the position, you might have to play with your own nipples.

Solo Play:

Toys intended for blended orgasms are often called dual stimulators. The most commonly known dual stimulator is the Classic Rabbit Vibrator. But there are other toys that can do the trick, including the clitoral stimulator, the Le Wand Massager, since it also comes with attachments that can reach your A-Spot (your anterior fornix) or G-Spot (check out the Le Wand Curve Weighted Attachment).


Again, the name of this orgasm is a giveaway for what’s to come (no pun intended). As noted by many researchers and doctors, people with vaginas don’t need a time-out after orgasming in order to climax more than once. Luckily for us, orgasms can keep on coming (pun intended).

How to achieve it?

With a Partner:

The trick to multiple orgasms is foreplay. Rub, massage, lick, flick, kiss, whatever you’re in to, don’t stop doing it! Keep your erogenous zones on high alert and remember to breathe. Slower breathing while orgasming not only makes the orgasm last longer, but calms your mind and body so you can orgasm again.

Good sex positions for multiple orgasms include: doggy-style, reverse cow-girl, person with vagina on top, pretty much any position where the clitoris can be stimulated. When it comes to toys, think about using couple toys like the We Vibe Sync or Eva II Hands Free Stimulator.

Solo Play:

For personal pleasure time, keeping your toy on your clitoris after orgasm usually does the trick for me. However, be warned, for people with very sensitive clitoris’s it might be smart to give it a break before playing with it again.

When it comes to toys, you can use any toy that satisfies your thirst.  For multiple orgasms, I like to alternate between an intense one at the beginning, like the Magic Wand, to one where I can use lower, less-intense settings, like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. This way I avoid over-stimulating my hot button.


Although many people feel queasy when hearing the word “anal,” tons have reported experiencing mindboggling orgasms. Interestingly, when you’re engaging in anal, it’s important to focus on the clitoris as well. Since sensation, for people with vaginas, during anal comes from stimulating one of the inner-clitoris wishbone legs.

If you take anything away from this article, it should be this: remember, please remember, to use lube when you’re engaging in anal sex or foreplay. Unlike the vagina, your anus does not produce any natural lubrication, so without any lube, you’re headed into dangerous territory. Another tip: begin slowly and gradually, especially if you’re a newcomer to the land of anal. Start with “fingering, to rimming, to insertion of slim, anal vibrators…” says Dr. Rosenblat.

How to achieve it?

With a Partner:

“Basically, depending upon the girth of what’s going in, insert one lubed finger for one minute, 10 minutes remove; insert two lubed fingers for two minutes, remove; three fingers for three minutes, and so on, until you open it up to the desired width (of penis or toy),” cautions Dr. Rosenblat.

When you’re ready for a toy, consider using B-Vibe Rimming Anal Plugs or Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads.

Solo Play:

For the financially conscious buyer, consider getting a vibrator that comes equipped with an anal bead or a third anal appendage, like the Disco Triple Play Vibrator, or look for one that comes with attachments, like the Le Wand Massager. If you’re looking for a toy specifically for anal, check out the B-Vibe Silicone Rechargeable Rimming Butt Plug Petite.


The U-Spot is considered one of the “deep erogenous zones” in the vagina, with the “U” standing for the urethra.

Where is the U-Spot?

“This area, just below the clitoris and above the vaginal entry, hugs some of the hidden parts of the clit,” says Dr. Rosenblat. The urethra is located 3-5 inches deep inside of the vagina.

How to achieve it?

With a Partner:

Whether you’re playing with yourself or your partner, “apply strong, circular or up-and-down pressure strokes in the area hits the mark, as does any kind of pressure against the mons pubis (the fatty tissue found over the pubic symphysis of pubic bone). The sensation is strongest with a somewhat full bladder - but since that can risk a urinary track infection, it’s best to go with a semi-[full bladder] to be safe.” Make sure you go to the bathroom afterwards.

Solo Play:

Most clitoral massagers will work, like the Magic Wand or Mystic Wand. Remember, achieving the U-Spot is all about the type of pressure you’re using and your movement.


The A-Spot is another deep vaginal erogenous zone, with the A standing for Anterior Fornix.

Where is the A-Spot?

It’s a little pleasure spot located between the cervix and the bladder.

How to achieve it?

“The AFE [Anterior Fornix Erotic Zone] zone [is] spongier and closer to the cervix, requiring lighter strokes [than the G-Spot],” says Dr. Rosenblat. You’ll need to reach just past the G-Spot to hit the A-Spot. Curve your fingers to resemble a hook and reach about 1 inch to 1.5 inches in aiming towards your belly button.

With a Partner:

Think of the A-Spot as the perfect foreplay orgasm. Since it’s located closer to the bladder, some people with vaginas often feel like they need to pee. I recommend you stop if you feel any pain.

Solo Play:

For toys, look for longer dildos to make sure you can reach far back enough. Consider using Tantus Sport Silicone G-Spot Dildo.


Like the A-Spot and the U-Spot, the cervical (also known as the posterior fornix or C-Spot) is another deep vaginal erogenous zone, possibly the deepest.

Where is the cervical orgasm located?

The cervix is essentially the deep center of the vagina and is known to house some intense orgasms. A few sexperts have even suggested the cervical orgasm is similar to a penile one in the sense that you can experience a full body release, including pelvic contractions. “Cervical stimulation leaves the uterus right where it normally is, giving more of a pushing down feeling during orgasmic spasming,” says Dr. Rosenblat.

How to achieve it?

Being the “deep center” of the vagina, you need to feel comfortable with deep penetrative sex to achieve this orgasm. Focus on applying pressure rather than repetitive penetrative stimulation. For people with vagina’s who find the cervix a particularly sensitive area, you might feel pain rather than pleasure when reaching for the cervical orgasm.

With a Partner:

The sex positions great for reaching a cervical orgasm are similar to vaginal/g-spot orgasms, people with vaginas on top, the rolling tickle, etc. 

Solo Play:

For toys, try using g-spot vibrators like Je Joue’s G-Kii Adjustable G-Spot Vibrator.

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