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So, you’ve decided to up your kegel game with an exercise device, but you don’t know where to begin. No problem. As always, Betty is here to help you.

Kegel exercisers go by many names: Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Pleasure Balls, Love Balls, just to name a few. The variety is confusing, but the basic idea is always the same: holding something in your vagina which you can contract around in order to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles.


Kegel exercisers can be incredibly helpful for isolating those important muscles and lending some inspiration and motivation to your kegel exercises. Some high-tech varieties can even tell you how hard you’re working out! Here are some simple guidelines to finding the correct Kegel Balls for your needs.



Simple weighted balls come in a few easy varieties: The free moving simple balls like Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls by Blush can be inserted into the vaginal together or separately. They add some weight to clench against and when used together, the rolling sensations can be quite pleasurable. You need to be able to bear down to remove them since there is no applicator. 



Balls on a harness or string are a super simple way to begin. LELO Luna Beads are a long-time bestseller with 4 interchangeable balls of different weights and a silicone harness and strap system for easy insertion and removal. Similarly, the Fantasy for Her 3 Piece Silicone Kegel Trainer Set have graduated weights and, a silky silicone surface, and an easy retrieval cord.


Some exercisers add a simple vibration function to make your workout more fun. The Rianne S Pulsy Playball is a very simple way to try and see if vibrations are for you. The remote is a one button, easy to use control. 


High tech kegel exercisers are perfect if you want to know exactly how long and how strong you’re exercising. Their apps can help guide you through programs that work for you and take away the guesswork of when and how to push yourself to do more.

The G Balls 2 App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Balls are controlled by an app that takes you through 6 different training programs and 4 levels of intensity as well as giving bio feedback on how tight you’re squeezing. The kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer by Minna has a unique design which features a squeezable, insertable pillow section that adjusts to your body. The app also features games and workouts plus a real-time look at what you’re doing as you do it.

If you’re completely new to kegel exercising, you can read our blog post What Are Kegel Exercises & Why They’re Important For EVERY Body followed by How to Do Kegel Exercises.


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