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The Sexiest States in the USA Ranked!

Americans spent more on sex toys in 2021 than ever before and 2022 looks like it will be another record-breaking year. With more and more pleasure products becoming mainstream and making appearances in everything from music videos to transit ads, itโ€™s great to see increasing numbers of Americans exploring the fun and wellness benefits that pleasure products can bring to your solo or partnered time.

With Valentineโ€™s Day 2022 come and gone, we at Bettyโ€™s decided to look at the last 6 months state by state and figure out who was investing the most in pleasure products, ranked by dollars spent per capita.

So which States spent the most on sex toys in the last 6 months? The results may surprise you. ย 



Making a strong showing at #5 on the list, the Volunteer State certainly seems to be taking time out from its busy schedule for some fun time. They didnโ€™t make our Sexiest States During Self-Isolation list earlier in 2021 so kudos to them for making pleasure more of a priority as we head into 2022.


Another newcomer to the list, Pennsylvania knows how to turn up the romance with an abundance of sexy love kits and massage oils. Seems they take their state motto โ€œPursue Your Happinessโ€ seriously.



Virginia made a strong showing last year on our list and it seems like the birthplace of Presidents has kept up their sexy reputation. A big shout out to Coloradans though, who made their first showing on the list by tying Virginia. It was all about the vibes with both these States with classics like Magic Wand Rechargeable and the Satisfyer Pro 2 leading the way.


A close runner up to our number 1, Oregonians know where itโ€™s at when it comes to pleasure. With product choices that ranged across the board from beginner to expert, this state seems to make pleasure a priority.

#1 Washington

Washington earned top billing when we looked at the Sexiest States During Self-Isolation and it seems like they held onto their title this time around as well. From vibrators to dildos, lubes to strokers, the states of the northwest are pleasure seekers through and through.


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