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Top 10 Hottest Sex Toys of 2022

What are the hottest sex toys of 2022? Find out what your fellow Americans were slipping into their toy boxes in droves this past year. And don't forget, if you want to grab any of these goodies for yourself, you can use code Bettys10 at the checkout to save 10%. 

#10 Arcwave Voy Compact Adjustable Grip Masturbator

The Voy Compact Masturbator was the second offering from the pleasure experts at WOW Tech (the first being last year's bestseller the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Penis Masturbator - available HERE)Totally discreet, and looking more like a bluetooth speaker than a sex toy, Voy won folks over with its looks and the adjustable grip feature that is unique in non-powered masturbators. 

***You can get Arcwave Voy by clicking HERE***

#9 Pop N' Play Silicone Squirting Packer Dildo

These first of their kind Pop Packing Squirting dildos were a huge hit from the second they arrived. With their silky, ultra realistic looks, flexible shafts, and squirting syringes, all kinds of folks welcomed Pop into their playtime. We love them for gender expression, roleplay, and cum play as well!

***You can get POP Squirting Packers by clicking HERE*** 

#8 Fun Factory Share Lite Silicone Double Dildo

Fun Factory always have the best new designs and the Share Lite double dildo (or strapless strap-on) was an immediate success. They made this toy lightweight and adjustable for the wearer's comfort and couples were loving it. From pegging to vaginal sex to blow jobs, Share Lite became a regular in many bedrooms this year. 

***You can get Fun Factory Share Lite by clicking HERE*** 

#7 LuvSlide Vibrating Penis Enhancer for Couples (with Remote)

The LuvSlide Penis Enhancer solved the problem of so many other enclosed or sleeve-type penis extensions and enhancers by being completely open and allowing the couple to really feel each other skin to skin while at the same time enjoying extra support and tightness. The remote control is the icing on the cake so you don't have to fumble around for buttons in the heat of the moment. It's no wonder this late arrival (October of 2022) is already a bestseller. 

***You can get the LuvSlide Penis Enhancer by clicking HERE*** 

 #6 Destiny Clitoral Suction Vibrator with Tongue

2022 was all about the clit and external vibration so it's no wonder the Destiny Clitoral Suction Vibrator was such a hit. The suction draws blood into the clitoris, making it engorged, aroused and super-sensitive then you add in vibration and the small teasing tongue and Destiny made for some very happy endings this year.

***You can get the Destiny Clitoral Suction Vibrator with Tongue by clicking HERE*** 

#5 The Rocketeer Vibrating Penis Enhancer Sheath

The Rocketeer Penis Enhancer was another unique release that seemed to really tickle people's fancy (and other areas) in 2022. It ads girth and vibration to any penis while allowing the wearer to still enjoy skin to skin contace with their partner. Easy to put on and made of body safe silicone, the Rocketeer was a great addition to many a toy box this year.

***You can get the Rocketeer Vibrating Penis Enhancer by clicking HERE*** 

 #4 The Rose Powerful Clitoral Air Pulsation Vibrator

The Rose became a viral sensation on TikTok then went on to take the sex toy world by storm. It is a great introduction to clitoral air pulsation and you can't find a toy that's more discreet. The Rose was one example of a TikTok sensation that was actually worth the hype. 

***You can get the Rose Clitoral Vibrator by clicking HERE*** 

#3 Magic Wand Mini Cordless Rechargeable Vibrator

The minute we saw this new mini version of the iconic Magic Wand back in January we knew it would be an instant success. With all the power in two thirds of the original's size, the Magic Wand Mini opened the door for a new generation of users and reminding us all again why this brand really is magic. 

***You can get the Magic Wand Mini by clicking HERE***

#2 The Velvet Hammer Thrusting Hands-Free Dual Stimulation Vibrator

The beauty of the Velvet Hammer Thrusting Vibe is its versatility. You can use it for vaginal or anal (with a good scrubbing in between of course) and either way you're going to get some powerful thrusting action. The included wireless remote control means you get a hands-free pounding every time AND you can take it in the bath or shower because it's waterproof. A worth addition to anybody's toy box in 2022. 

***You can get the Velvet Hammer Thrusting Vibe by clicking HERE***

#1 Lust Dual Rider Remote Control Humping Vibrator

Coming in at #1 this year the Lust Dual Rider Humping Vibrator was at the forefront of a new wave of external humping toys to hit the market. For many people it's the first way they learn to masturbate and remains a favorite way to achieve orgasms, so it's no wonder a toy that lets you get your hump on while enjoying all kinds of orgasmic vibrations became so popular. And the Lust Pad isn't just a solo toy either. Couples loved it too, riding it while giving oral, or letting their partner watch them grind. Lust Dual Rider made it into a lot of toy boxes this year (our staff included!).

***You can get the Lust Dual Rider Remote Humping Vibe by clicking HERE***

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