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The Joys of Squirting Dildos: Updated for 2022

Squirting dildos, or ejaculating dildos, are some of our biggest sellers here at Betty’s. Resembling a realistic, erect penis, these dildos have a reservoir inside that you can fill with specialized lube or other liquids and can be ejaculated out of the dildo when you feel the time is right.

They’re great for roleplay or for anybody who loves that feeling of ejaculation either inside them or outside on their skin, or in their mouth.


There are a few brands of specialized lubes that are made to look like semen, but you can use any water-based lubricant in a squirting dildo. The trick is to use a thinner lubricant so that it will not clog the squirting mechanism and will be easy to clean afterwards. You can also use water. Some lubes will come with a sample of lubricant, but most don’t so make sure you stock up!

Spunk Lube Hybrid is a porn industry favorite for its realistic look and consistency (yes, they do fake it!). You can see this lube in action in our video review which can be found HERE. Spunk is also available in larger bottles, which makes it appealing to buyers, since you get more bang for your buck.

Bust It Nut Butter Hybrid Glide and Splooge Juice are both water/silicone hybrid lubes made by Doc Johnson, creators of the Squirting Realistic Cock series of dildos. There is also Loadz Cum Load Lube which is made to use with the Loadz Squirting dildos. With more and more of these realistic lubes hitting the market, you can browse our selection of Realistic Cum Lubricants and decide for yourself. 


All these lubes are made of body safe ingredients, just like you would expect of any lubricant meant for sex. The unique thing about squirting dildos is that you may be using more of this lube than you normally would during play, so here’s what you need to know.

Just like the real thing, if you are going to have it ejaculate inside you, the lube will leak out. The silicone lubes are going to be mighty slippery coming out but hey, that’s part of the fun.

If you’re looking for some oral play, we think Doc Johnson says it best on their own website: “Here’s the deal: If you get it in your mouth… no problem. If you swallow a bit… no problem. It just isn’t going to be good if you swallow a bunch. Remember, it’s a lube and it will lube you all the way down and out the other end if you swallow too much.” Get the picture? Good.


Squirting dildos were long considered a novelty item by their manufacturers but with their growing popularity came some real innovations in the technology and design to make them easier and more enjoyable to use.

At Betty’s we have the largest selection of squirting dildos you are going to find anywhere, which means we have all shapes, sizes, and functions. If you are not sure what kind to choose, you can consult our article How to Pick the Perfect Squirting Dildo which outlines the types you can choose according to your needs and desires.

Here is a brief overview of the main styles and designs.


The Betty’s Blaster Vibrating Squirting Dildo  is in a class by itself for several reasons.  It is available in two realistic flesh tones and made of silicone, which is non-porous and body safe, so it can be thoroughly disinfected. It also is the first squirting dildo to ejaculate with the press of a button, making it incredibly easy to use and capable of a few shots per load of lubricant. And if that's not enough, it vibrates too! These are the absolute best to wear in a harness because there is no external tubing at all. This dildo is also quite firm because of the internal mechanisms and motor, so it is a good squirting dildo for more experienced pegging play. If you want to see this model in action, you can watch our Video Review HERE and our video guide to getting started HERE

Another popular style is the Loadz 7 Inch Vibrating Squirting Dildo with Wireless Remote Controlavailable in 3 enticing flesh colors. These beauties have everything you could want in a squirting dildo: A wireless remote control, vibrating function, a squirting capacity of 10ml, and a harness compatible base. 


Our favorite plunger or syringe styled squirting dildos here at Betty’s are the Strap-On-Me Squirting Cum Dildos. They are silicone and harness compatible plus they offer a great alternative for folks who want something not overtly phallic looking. You can take all the parts apart to wash them and the dildo itself is soft and comfortable to insert. It uses a syringe you fill from your choice of lubricant and then depress the syringe when you’re ready (just like a needle).

The Squirting Realistic Cock Series from Doc Johnson is similar to the Strap-On-Me line but features a more realistic look. These dildos have plush, lifelike material and a suction cup so you can enjoy hands-free play. Unfortunately, this line is not the best for strap on play since the hose can get pinched when placed in a harness. We did a video review, so you can see how this model works. SEE THE VIDEO REVIEW HERE



Next, we have the King Cock model which has a bulb that you suck the lube into, then screw it in place at the base of the dildo. When you squeeze the bulb, the dildo squirts. This line of dildos has the distinction of having the best variety in both size and color, with sizes from 6 inches up to a whopping 11 inches of insertable length. They are not harness compatible because the bulb needs to insert into the end for it to work. We did a great video review of this dildo style and you can SEE HOW IT WORKS HERE

The Natural Realskin Squirting Dildo with Harness took their already bestselling Natural Realskin Squirting Dildos, put a harness compatible base on them, and placed them in a comfortable adjustable universal harness. These dildos use the turkey baster method, so you need to dip the tip in fluid, and draw it up into the shaft, then squeeze the testicles to have it squirt out again. With 2 sizes to choose from, these are a popular and affordable choice for couples looking for some squirting fun. 



The Fetish Fantasy Hollow Squirting Strap-ons are also in a class all their own, since they are part of a harness and dildo set that can be worn by folks that already have a penis. They are perfect for anybody with erectile dysfunction or somebody who can't ejaculate but still wants that sensation. The dildos are built into the harnesses and have a hollow core where you can place your own penis. The ejaculation chamber is in the tip, and you fill it by pinching the tip, dunking it in fluid and sucking it up. When you are ready to ejaculate, you squeeze the lower part of the shaft to release the fluid. They also come in 3 different skin tones and 2 sizes, which we absolutely love. 


As with any dildo, please please please, double check the girth and length before you buy. King Cock 11 Inch Dildo has 9 inches of insertable length and 2.5  inches in girth, making it an impressively large dildo that may not be for everybody. With that length comes a considerable weight, so that can make it difficult for folks with mobility issues. It is also not suitable for harness play. 

The slimmest squirting dildo we carry is the Strap-On-Me Squirting Cum Dildos. While others may have slightly less of insertable length, the Strap-On-Me are only 1.4 inches wide, with a girth of 4.4 inches. If you are a beginner or want something small and softer, these are the squirting dildos for you.

There are pros and cons of both styles of dildo so consider how you’re using it and what method works best for you. Do you like the idea of using a syringe or of squeezing the testicles?

If you have more questions about which style to choose, you can check out our blog article How to Pick the Perfect Squirting Dildo.


Squirting dildos are a lot of fun and can lend so much to your fantasy play but be aware that the majority are made from PVC. The problem with this material is that it is porous and can quickly harbor and grow bacteria, so we would normally recommend using a condom with a PVC toy. Since that pretty much defeats the entire purpose of a squirting dildo, I will leave you with a warning to make sure you clean your dildo before and after every use with water and mild soap and keep the piping clean by flushing it with soapy warm water. I would also urge you not to share these toys between partners or to use them for anal play. The exceptions to the rule are the wonderful silicone Betty’s Blaster Vibrating Squirting Dildo, the Strap-On-Me Squirting Cum Dildos, and the Big Shot Silicone Vibrating and Squirting Dildos.

That being said, we wish you all happy squirting.


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