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A Beginner's Guide to Picking the Perfect Booty Toy

Booty play is one of the fastest growing pleasure product categories and it’s no wonder! Lots of folks are realizing that anal play feels fantastic and can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, adding an element of thrilling naughtiness to your play time.

Maybe you have already been experimenting with fingers and now it’s time for some added excitement, or maybe you want an absolute beginner toy to pop that anal cherry. Either way, we are breaking down what to look for when choosing a treat for your booty.


You may be tempted to experiment with something you already own but be careful. Specialty anal toys have a flared base which stops the toy from being over-inserted (in other words, stuck up your bum). So, you are going to want to stick to butt plugs, vibrating anal toys, anal beads, and prostate stimulators. Toys that are not necessarily meant for anal play, but which are usually okay include:

Rabbit Vibrators: Lot of folks use the longer shaft for anal play and the extra arm protects you from over-insertion

Dildos: If it has a flared base or balls, you should be fine to use it anally, but we recommend only doing this with silicone dildos (or vibrators) because they will not harbour bacteria.

PRODUCTS TO AVOID: Long, slim vibrators or dildos, and bullet vibrators. These are the main sex toy culprits for those embarrassing ER visits you sometimes hear about



A tiny beginner's plug and a gargantuan pro plug can look the same size in product images. Don't let your eyes deceive you and end up with something way too big (or too small!) for your pleasure.

If you have already enjoyed fingers or even a penis, take that into consideration as well. A tiny beginner plug may be too small so you may want to size up a bit.

Smaller beginner items you may want to consider include:

Luxe Silicone Beads: Great for easy insertion and maximum stimulation as you pop them in and pull them out.

Luxe Beginner 3 Plug Anal Trainer Set: The smallest plug is truly tiny, and this set gives you room to work your way up, all with a very slim tapered tip that is easy to insert.

Please Slim Anal Silicone 5 Inch Dildo: Long but extremely thin, this dildo is great for gentle probing and thrusting.

Petite Sensations Pearls String Vibrating Anal Beads: Ideal for experimenting with some vibration, these are long and slim with the bullet as an anchor. They are flexible and easy to insert.



  • Narrow, tapered tips are going to be easier to insert.
  • A plug that is wide in the middle is going to give you a stretch after you start to insert. 
  • A finger ring on the base is ideal for thrusting in and out
  • An extremely narrow neck is great for leaving the plug in for longer periods
  • Bumps or ridges will give you extra stimulation as you put it in and take it out
  • A wide, thin base is more comfortable to leave in longer because it snugs between your cheeks. 



Most plugs we offer are silicone, but we do have some glass or metal, which are going to be unforgiving on your first-timer butt. If you are starting out, silicone will have more give and flexibility for you. 



Vibrating anal plugs can add a whole new level of stimulation and they are great for beginners and experts alike. When choosing an anal vibrator, make sure you heed our warning about size (see above) and look for something small enough for your beginner booty.



If you see an anal toy labelled as a prostate stimulator, don’t let that set you back, even if you don’t have a prostate. Anybody can use these products, but they are angled in a way that makes it easier to stimulate that sensitive gland. For those with a prostate, these stimulators can open a whole new dimension of pleasure but don’t worry if you can’t find it at first. Prostate stimulation takes time and practice.



The golden rule of anal play is that you can NEVER have enough lubricant. After all, you're dealing with delicate tissues that have no natural lubrication to protect them. Betty’s has a great selection of lubricants to help you on your way. Here are some tips for buying the right one for the job:

Water based lubricant: The little black dress of the lubricant world. Great for any kind of play, including anal. The only drawback is they can be thinner and can dry out faster during prolonged play, so reapplying is always a good idea.

Betty’s favorite: Wicked Aqua Sensitive Unscented Water Based Lube

Silicone & water-based hybrids: These are thicker, last longer, and are fantastic for anal play. They are also safe with your sex toys and with condoms. 

Betty’s favorite: Wicked Simply Hybrid Lubricant

Pure silicone lubricant: Another fantastic choice for anal play and safe with latex condoms. The big BUT here is that they are not always safe with silicone sex toys and can degrade the materials. So, we recommend them for glass and metal, but not for silicone toys unless the product description specifically says otherwise. 

Betty’s favorite: Pjur Backdoor Glide Silicone Anal Lubricant

Anal specific lubricants: We have several lubes just for anal play which are generally water based and make thick like a jelly, so they go on easily and stay where you put them. 

Betty’s favorite: Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle Water Based Lubricant



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