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Beyond Orgasms: Why Betty’s Is Committed to Your Sexual Wellness

Take a browse around our website and you’re going to find an amazing variety of sex toys in every size, shape and style you could ever imagine. Sex should be fun, and at Betty’s we want you to enjoy it without shame, judgement, or reservations. We are proud to hear repeatedly from customers that our staff are easy to talk to and incredibly understanding. That’s because we love our jobs and we love to help people find something that is going to make them happy.

What you may not realize until you really go looking, is that Betty’s also has a large selection of products that have been chosen specifically to help those of you with concerns about your sexual wellness. You’re going to find Kegel exercisers, vaginal dilators, penis extenders, hollow strap-ons, and cock rings, as well as some fantastic niche products that are designed for specific sexual issues.  

Why do we carry these products? Because we’re human just like you. We know that sex isn’t always easy, and sometimes you just need a bit of help. We also know that many doctors and therapists are really lacking in knowledge of what kinds of tools there may be out there to help.

Erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, loosened pelvic floor muscles (both male and female), painful sex, premature ejaculation, menopause, limited body mobility, anorgasmia. All these issues are so much more common than you would believe, and our staff hear from folks every day who are looking for something to help them maintain a satisfying and healthy sex life.

Of course, we are not doctors. But we are non-judgemental folks who will do our best to help you find something that is going to suit your body and your needs. We have helpful articles linked throughout the website, or you can check out our blog Betty’s Buzz for helpful articles on a variety of Sexual Wellness topics. Here are just a few of the articles we have published to help you on your journey to sexual wellness:

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