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Guys, You Need to Masturbate More

October 02, 2017

Forget everything you ever heard about keeping your hands out of your pants, guys. Tenga, a Japanese sex toy, recently polled 1200 people in the U.S. about their masturbation habits and overall health and the results may surprise you.

Men who masturbate 4 times a week or more showed 4 major health benefits:

  1. They visited the doctor less often for injury or illness
  2. They had higher body confidence
  3. They were more likely to be employed
  4. They had 3x more orgasms!

Now, we don’t know if increased masturbation will magically find you......

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Debunking the Myth: Men and Sex Toys by Victoria Fleming

September 27, 2017

Picture this: a person walks into a sex store, peruses the products – scouring the aisles full of vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and cock-rings. They collect the items that pique their interest, or maybe they’ve done their research and found exactly what they are looking for. They stroll on over to checkout, toys in hand, and with a smile, they leave with their bundle of pleasure.

Now that you have the picture mapped out, who is the person in the sex store? Is it a woman or a man?

Don’t be shy. This is a judgment free zone!

If you’re......

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The Top 3 Most Dangerous Sex Positions for Men Revealed

September 15, 2017

Men, it’s time to face the facts. When you think of dangerous activities, sex probably doesn’t even rank in your top 10 but the fact is that some sex positions do put you at increased risk for penis fracture.

Lucky for you, the good folks at the Journal Nature have published a study of the most dangerous sex positions for penis fracture in men and Betty has just the knowledge to make sure you stay injury free.  

Penile fracture is the rupturing of one or both......

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Can Women Have Wet Dreams?

August 11, 2017

We all know that men can have wet dreams but did you know that women can too? If you have ever woken up from a sexy dream with a feeling of complete satisfaction, you may have had one and just don’t remember it!

Sleep orgasms happen to about 85% of women by the time they reach 21, according to one study (1) but because women orgasm internally and there is no evidence as there would be with men, many women are left unaware of their pleasurable nighttime activities.


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World’s First Sex Robots Go On Sale

August 09, 2017

We have seen the Real Doll and others come along over the years but Dr Sergi Santos, from Barcelona has recently announced Samantha, the World’s first sex robot, will be made available to the public for the small sum of $3,300USD.  

Samantha - Sex Robot goes on Sale

Samantha has 8 different settings ranging from ‘family’ to ‘nasty’.  Samantha is artificial intelligence at it’s finest.  Her “brain memory” is stored on an SD and and is built to “emulate the electrical activity of humans in the sense of excitement”.

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Men... DON'T Do This In Bed!

August 07, 2017

We all want to know how to turn on a woman but we often don’t think about what we do which might turn her off.  

The Daily Star recently polled 1700 readers to find out how we can keep our women engaged during sex and the number one turn-off might not be too shocking...Farting!

While flatulence may be a normal bodily function, doing it during sex will not keep her in the mood.  While this might seem obvious to most, the fact that almost 50% of respondents......

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The Countries Where You’re Most Likely to Orgasm…

August 04, 2017

The good folks at LELO make some of the world’s best pleasure products so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about orgasms. In a recent poll, they asked the public about their orgasm habits and got responses from people in 22 countries.

Here are the places you are most likely to orgasm, how often, and how loud!

NORWAY! 35% of Norwegians surveyed say they climax at least once a day. No wonder they’re consistently one of the happiest countries in the world


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