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Arielle Silicone Dual Vibrator and Clitoral Stimulator By Jordan

June 01, 2015

I love a good rabbit vibe but I wasn’t sure what to make of the Arielle when I first opened it up. It has a unique shape that I hadn’t experienced before but as usual, I went into it with an open mind and was so glad I did.

Packaging and Operation

The packaging on the Arielle is sweet and simple. See-through plastic with a lovely light blue trim to match the vibe itself, letting you see exactly what you’re getting. It’s a battery operated vibe, so no charging......

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Why Every Couple With Young Kids Should Own A Sex Toy

May 12, 2015

So you’ve got young kids and things have been pretty lacklustre in the bedroom lately. I hear you. Diapers, snotty noses, and 5am wakeup calls can kill the mood for anybody. Then factor in your own exhaustion, body changes, and non-existent spare time and you can forget what it’s like to be intimate with your partner.

All of those reasons and so many more are why I believe every couple should own at least one sex toy - especially if you have young kids. Don’t roll your eyes. Just hear me out.

Sex toys have come a long, long way......

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Video Review: Vitality Plus Vibrator by Leaf+

April 16, 2015

The first thing I have to say about the Vitality Plus Vibrator by Leaf+ is WOW! From its simple and classy environmentally conscious packaging, to the storage bag, to its sleek, simple design, I was sold from the start.

Then I got to try it out and I really fell in love!


Since launching in 2012, this company has been racking up the accolades, winning Best New Product Range and Best Environmental Concept in its first year, a nomination for the 2014 Luxury Toy Line......

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Evi by Aneros - Kegel Exerciser Review

February 12, 2015

I fully admit that by now I am a sex toy skeptic. There’s only so many times you can see something declared “revolutionary” before you just roll your eyes and toss it in the pile with other disappointments that made the same claim.

That’s why I have to be honest and say that I had the Evi Kegel Exerciser by Aneros for a while before I decided to bust it out and give it a try. Check out the picture and you can see why. What the heck was this thing? It was promising “hands free pleasure” by hitting......

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Dildo Video Review - Icicles #18 Glass Dildo

January 25, 2015

Check out the Icicles #18 Glass Dildo, or more Glass dildos.

This hand crafted glass dildo is a thing of beauty, from its blue pleasure-enhancing bumps to the delicate red flower tucked into one of its 2 heads.

This elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted glass dildo has ridges in all the right places! Double ended for endless varieties of play, this massager will leave you breathless. 

Video Transcript 

Hi there, it's Carolyn, head toy buyer at Betty's Toy Box here with you again. I'm......

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Betty's Interview with Professional Sex Toy Reviewer Dizzygirl from Toy Meets Girl

January 19, 2015

If you've never read Toy Meets Girl, Dizzygirl's fantastic blog, you need to get over there and check it out. There is no sugar coating and some really great writing. We here at Betty's love her blog and were thrilled to be able to pick her brain about what makes her tick.

DizzyGirl, give us a little background into what your site focuses on and how long you have been doing it for.

The focus of my blog is pretty simple – honest sex toy reviews and accurate information about sex toy safety.  I'm an average middle age, married......

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The Redhead Bedhead, Sex Educator and Toy Reviewer Extraordinaire, Chats with Betty

January 06, 2015

We were thrilled to get the chance to speak with sex educator and toy reviewer The Redhead Bedhead herself, JoEllen Notte,  about what gives her inspiration and what she's up to in 2015.

Give us a little background into what your site focuses on and how long you have been doing it for

I started Redhead Bedhead in mid-2012 and it's an interesting site because it's a sex blog that doesn't limit itself to being sexy. Yes, I review vibrators and give sex tips but topics like depression, communication and healthy relationships are just as likely to come up.......

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